The origin of Sree Nadarajaswami Temple was lost in antiquity. The history of the temple begins from 1000 years back, Pathillathil Potty’s were taken care of the temple and after the end of their generation, and the temple lost the presence of god in the idol and the temple was unattended by people. After many years, the temple was rejuvenated by the devotees of Nadarajaswami in 1952. Now the temple was under the control of Sree Mahadeva Vilasam Haindava Samajam.

The main idol of temple is “Umamaheswara- God Shiva and Goddes Paravathi”. This is one of the major temple were the both idols are seated in a single throne and facing towards East. The major concept of the temple is that the God Shiva is in the form of “Nataraja”. During the Deeparadhana in the evening, there is the presence of all the Yogis, Rishis and other Gods, and Goddess. On this concept Deeparadhana has an important role.Devotees of Nadarajaswami had the sudden satisfaction for their needs like Studies, Job, and Marriage etc.

Four deities are situated with the temple, they are: Nagaraja, Rakshas, Yakshi, Brahmarakshas. The idol of Nagaraja was very important. On every “Ayilyam” special poojas are conducting in the “Nagaraja Kavu”. Also in the second day of Thiruvultsava “Noorum Palum” is conducting in the “Nagaraja Kavu”.

In addition to these four deities, one more idol is located 3 km away from the main temple and the idol of Durga and Shastha is known as “Mala Moorthis”. On the second day morning of Thiruvultsavam special poojas are conducting at the Mala Nada.

Before 6 years, in 2008 the Rakshas's sreekovil was renovated. In 2014, the main Sree Kovil of temple was renovated by covering its roof by Copper Plates.